We produce broadcast videos in multiple languages…

We produce broadcast videos in multiple languages…


In 2016, UNICEF convened a meeting to discuss a UN coordinated response to the possible threat of Zika virus in Belize. The objective of this meeting was to present the Country Offices with a response and to support local government, partners and communities to control the spread of the virus and to mitigate the impact on families.

Shortly after, UNICEF Belize approached us with a project to create a multi-media campaign around the dangers of the Zika virus. The objective was to present information to an entire country in a friendly and informative manner. The communication tools had to work for a diverse population with a wide range of socio economic factors. The project included posters, animated videos, and brochures to warn and educate the general public about this pernicious disease.

Together with UNICEF Belize’s communication specialist and country officials, we produced two animated public service videos and companion printed products to raise awareness of the outbreak and encourage participation in a response plan. This work included developing the script, story line, visual style, and messaging in both Spanish and English. To compliment this video campaign we created a series of vibrant posters that illustrate facts in a way that are easily understood. The posters reside in health service facilities, schools, airports and other public places.

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