We write and produce fun, educational music video…

We write and produce fun, educational music video…

CLIENT: Sesame Studios

Sesame Street was looking for funny, innovative, and visually engaging short form digital content to augment their new YouTube channel ‘Sesame Studios’. We offered them a variety of different solutions ranging from classic animation, live action, and a mix of both. The solution featured a collage of photos, scaled at different sizes, which illustrate kids with their giant pets.

My Big Dog has all the educational integrity and creativity you’d expect from Sesame Street. In addition to animation and video production for this piece, we composed all the original music and lyrics. The lyrics depict the outrageous scenarios and havoc that would ensue if such a giant pet were to exist. We animated photobombs and sticker-style imagery to depict how these hilarious events might play out. These giant dogs are no different from your everyday pet dogs, except that you might want to duck when they wag their tails!

A lot of content these days offers varying degrees of education and entertainment, but no others offer the profound wholehearted lessons that create happy kids and good people. Kids that grow smarter, stronger and kinder. This is the heart of Sesame Workshop.

Client: Sesame Studios