We produce live-action videos that show how to protect your business…

We produce live-action videos that show how to protect your business…

CLIENT: MonsterCloud

For this live action video series, Big Yellow Taxi was tasked with writing the script, casting the talent, organizing the shoot, and final editing and production of the video. The end result was a powerfully informative interview with MonsterCloud CEO Zohar Pinhasi, as well as two individual videos featuring speaker John Pistole, Former Deputy Director of the FBI, Former Administrator of the TSA, Former FBI Executive Assistant Director for National Security, Counterterrorism, and Counterintelligence, and Senior, Advisor, Office of the Director of National Intelligence.


MonsterCloud is one of the first companies to offer cyber security as an outsourced service and is a recognized authority in protecting businesses and other organizations from cyber-attacks. MonsterCloud’s comprehensive platform provides companies with both the technology and, more importantly, expertise needed to defend themselves from hackers, data breaches, ransomware and other external threats. It reduces reputational risk and affords companies peace-of-mind, knowing their businesses are constantly being monitored and protected by some of the world’s top cyber security experts.

MonsterCloud is a leading authority on ransomware and has some of the world’s most renowned ransomware removal experts. One of MonsterCloud’s core specialties is removing ransomware, restoring encrypted files, and preventing organizations from becoming ransomware victims. MonsterCloud’s global ransomware response team is standing-by and ready 24/7 to help organizations in need. Ransomware removal is guaranteed. Don’t pay the criminals. Get ransomware professionals involved.