We redesign websites that promote your product or idea…

We redesign websites that promote your product or idea…

CLIENT: Castle Point Learning Systems

Gradarius is an innovative calculus learning platform developed by Distinguished Mathematician Dr. Alexei Miasnikov, together with Dr. Alex Myasnikov and his colleagues from the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the Stevens Institute of Technology. Designed to help students master calculus concepts for deeper understanding, Gradarius assists each student at every step of the learning process — offering immediate feedback, guiding problem solving, pointing out mistakes and providing hints.

In redesigning their website, we took a holistic approach starting first with the existing user experience. Calculus can be an intimidating topic, especially to those that are struggling to understand its basic concepts. Our approach was to integrate math based artwork and a sticky particle effect that compels the users to dive in deeper. Once the user overcame their initial resistance, they would be more likely to go beyond the home page.

Utilizing the WordPress web platform and a newly developed information architecture we simplified the site while maintaining its salient information. At its core, this is an e-commerce website that is both engaging and informative for the targeted audiences including educators, students, college administrators, potential partners, and potential investors.