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Virtual Tour

A 3-dimensional virtual tour of a 250-year-old historic church enriches the visitor experience and ensures its legacy will live on.

On the corner of Broadway and Wall Street in New York City sits a 19th Century Gothic Revival Style church and 250 years of American history. This is the spot where George Washington was inaugurated as the first President of the United States, andthe burial place of Alexander Hamilton. More than one million visitors tour the church each year, and it is still open daily for prayers and services. The building is the third one to be housed on the site and celebrates its 175th birthday in 2021.

In 2018, renovations began on Trinity Church. Recognizing the need to preserve this important piece of history, Trinity Church commissioned Big Yellow Taxi to capture the church and its grounds in digital format. Our team mapped and photographed the grounds and captured the church’s interior in a seamless 360° photo. The resulting app features a 3-dimensional image with an interactive map, markers, and detailed information. Now, visitors to the space have access to detailed information as they make their way through the grounds, and armchair tourists from around the world can also experience the wonder, history, and awe of this reverent space.