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We saw an opportunity to infuse interactivity into the conference experience. The result: a secure tool that digitizes conferences and enhances the potential for information exchange.

Despite advances in presentation technology, conferences have remained relatively unchanged over the past few decades. As we dove deep into the conference space helping The Clearinghouse with the TCH + BPI annual conference, we identified an opportunity to enhance the experience through a digital transformation. While analog signage and materials adequately convey information in one direction, interactivity fleshes out a whole new dimension of information exchange and eliminates the myriad challenges of a paper-based system.

Armed with what we have learned over the years supporting the banking industry’s largest conference, we designed an immersive interactive experience centered around an iPad app that connects organizers, presenters, and attendees. Upon arrival, each attendee is presented with an iPad that comes pre-loaded with a customized application. The iPads are linked via an impenetrable closed network to ensure optimal security.

The interface has information about the venue, event, and schedule. It also houses eachof the presentations featured during the conference as well as takeaway materials, all in digital format. Presenters can take control of the iPads during their presentation, while audience members can take notes as they listen. The app also has one-to-oneand one-to-many messaging, voting, and polling capabilities. The notes and presentations get emailed to each user at the close of each session.

The fully-customizable system includes custom software, iPads for each participant and leader, a secure network device, and full technical support, and is now available for immediate implementation at scale.