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Museum Souvenir Program

Creative activities and fun illustrations enhanced an already-engaging interactive experience.

The Washington DC landscape has been changing rapidly in recent years. To preserve the city’s historical architecture, the Franklin School was dedicated to the restoration and developing a museum focused on literacy. Partners of BYT had already consulted on the ideation of the interactive exhibits. When it came to creating a souvenir booklet as unique as the museum itself, Planet Word called Big Yellow Taxi. We initiated the design and layout as part of a complete book packaging project using established brand guidelines. The result was an attractive memento that allowed the visitor to reflect on what they had seen and keep engaged with printed puzzles and activities.

Planet Word

The Planet Word Museum of Language Arts is an immersive language experience located at the historic Franklin School in Washington, D.C. Ideal for all ages; Planet Word is the world’s first voice-activated museum. Interactive galleries and exhibits bring words and language to life in fun ways.