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My Big Book of Feelings

Children needed a resource to help them process a global emergency. We had a complete workbook ready within weeks.

The pandemic brought many new challenges to families at the beginning of 2020, and social-emotional learning resources were scarce. Penguin Random House came to us seeking a workbook to help children process the new overwhelming feelings they were experiencing. We had to act quickly, but fortunately, we had the perfect team on hand to take it on. Within a few weeks, My Big Book of Feelings was complete and ready for printing.

Penguin Random House

Since the 1800s, Penguin Random House has been a global publisher known for creating independent books and reading materials for children and adults alike. With more than 80 Nobel Prize laureates and hundreds of the world’s most widely read authors, they strive to promote books that have a unique capacity to connect, change, and promote a better future.