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Gradarius Calculus Learning Platform

Form follows function in a redesign of an elegantly simple and responsive calculus teaching tool.

Designed to help students master calculus concepts for deeper understanding, Gradarius assists each student at every step of the learning process. In anticipation of its launch, Gradarius asked Big Yellow Taxi to create a website and visual identity that would introduce the software to schools and potential investors at schools and conferences. Our challenge was to create a visual identity for the product that would show potential investors just how simple, elegant, responsive, and interactive their software was.

The program’s creators were very clear on what they did not want: the “stock art of a student with a laptop” design used by most learning software websites. Instead, they wanted a visually-striking look that communicated an AI, mathematical feel while using minimalist design and minimal copy.

We began with their existing logo, then exploded it with 3D generated versions of mathematical equations. We then used a sticky particle effect that would modify the mathematically-generated background as the user manipulated their cursor across the screen, symbolizing the real-time responsive nature of their program. As we worked with the team on their vision for the final product, we were able to provide guidance from our unique perspective on their marketing strategy and overall business model.

Utilizing the WordPress web platform and a newly developed information architecture, we simplified the existing site while maintaining its salient information and presenting it in a compelling and approachable way. The resulting site was a hit at conferences, attracting swarms of curious visitors and investors