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Eagle Eye Citizen

Teaming up with a leading educator, we design and implement tools that teach critical thinking.

With a growing interest in online interactive tools and a rising emphasis among educators on creativity, problem solving and critical thinking skills, a new generation of online learning environments has emerged. Teamed with the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason University, we provide UI and UX for a wide range of websites and mobile apps, like a complete library of Shakespeare’s works, or Eagle Eye Citizen—an engaging, online, and mobile-friendly interactive educational game for high school students focused on Congress and civic participation. Like many of the projects we work on with the university, Eagle Eye Citizenis designed to teach students the critical thinking skills they need to be active and engaged citizens in the 21st century and to create an interactive learning platform that offers flexibility, long-term sustainability, and the potential for inexpensive, ongoing content expansion.