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Dr. Seuss All-In-One Workbooks

A creative whole-grade learning series inspired by the wonderful world of Dr. Seuss.

Penguin Random House’s workbook division worked with Big Yellow Taxi on the Puzzlooies series when an opportunity came up with Seuss Enterprises to create a series of workbooks. It was a perfect match for our design, creative and educational teams. The challenge was that the publisher needed us to create five 304-page workbooks within a few months, using only original artwork created by Dr. Seuss.

Excited by the opportunity to work with such an iconic brand, our team took on the project. We hired an educational expert to create an approved curriculum for each of the five books. Our design team focused on maintaining the classic, simplistic Dr. Seuss style throughout the workbooks. In addition, the project team implemented a unique organizational approach to account for the abbreviated timeframe, creating a standardized book, section, and page templates across all the series’ books. The system enabled us to minimize the time needed to design while maximizing the educational content and keeping to the brand voice and vision.

Each book in the series covers the core topics of Math, Language Arts, Science, and Feelings, each with its own Seuss character “ambassador”, and includes ten two-page spreads that cue readers to put down the book, get up and move. Each book also comes with three inserts: a center tear-off page in the center, a tear-off sticker page, and a certificate of completion.

The first two books, Pre-K and Kindergarten, were completed within just three months, thanks to our team’s systematic approach to the project. The second stage of workbook creation featured grades 1, 2, and 3. Unlike the books for younger audiences, where parents participate with the child, the older workbooks are more independent journeys, cover more complex subjects, and involve more reading. Our designers modified the templates, changing the font size and page design to accommodate the more sophisticated grade-school content.

The resulting product is five fun-filled, value-packed journeys fueled by educational content and the fantastic, wonderful, imaginative world of Dr. Seuss.

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