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Dr. Seuss’ Wipe-Clean Workbooks

A well-known brand is translated into a tactile, interactive, reusable experience.

Penguin Random House came to us with an idea for a wipe-clean workbook in line with the Dr. Seuss brand. Using only original artwork from Theodor Geisel’s own well-known stories. We hired an educational expert to adapt a preschool and kindergarten combined curriculum into a series of fun, educational activities. Our design team then used this outline to build white-erase activities that could be wiped clean and reused repeatedly. The result was a two-activity-book packet fueled by educational content and Dr. Seuss’s fantastic, imaginative world.

Penguin Random House

Since the 1800s, Penguin Random House has been a global publisher known for creating independent books and reading materials for children and adults alike. With more than 80 Nobel Prize laureates and hundreds of the world’s most widely read authors, they strive to promote books that have a unique capacity to connect, change, and promote a better future.