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Fresh Tri Community Network

Capitalizing on an active community of satisfied customers to attract new subscribers through a bespoke, moderated social media platform.

When Fresh Tri approached Big Yellow Taxi, they were looking to get more subscribers for their free app. The app promotes healthier living through positive habit formation. It uses a trial-and-error approach to initiate small lifestyle changes over time. The app presents users with a list of new positive behaviors to experiment with. They select one to integrate into their lifestyle for one week. If it works, they keep it in their repertoire. If not, they move on to the next tool in their solution toolbox. Failure is never on the menu, which keeps the journey positive and productive.

The team knew that this easy-to-use, free tool that would benefit their audience… if they could get them to sign up. They came to us seeking an engaging social media and email campaign that would help them increase the number of subscribers.

After conducting a series of behavioral design workshops with actual and potential users to inform the campaign, we discovered an untapped resource that could attract and retain more loyal users to the program than any email blast: the community itself. Those who had tried and succeeded were the best ambassadors for this positivity-based program. We presented our recommendation to Fresh Tri, who embraced the idea. They gave us the green light to create a new social media platform within the app to let users communicate, share, and motivate each other.

The resulting product was Tri(be) – an element of the program where users can share their daily intentions and reflect on their gratitude via a live social media sharing platform within the app. By sharing with others, users inspire and are inspired by their peers as they try new habits, tweak their practices, and celebrate accomplishments together. Curious potential users exploring the feed get a sense of this expansive community support and get inspired to subscribe.

Adding a community element turned already loyal members into brand ambassadors, creating a welcoming environment to inspire and attract new potential subscribers.