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A Decade of Dreams

A journey of partnership impacting 5 million children and youth

The Education Above All (EAA) Foundation and UNICEF have a strong and longstanding partnership that has been instrumental in advancing education opportunities and access to quality education for children and youth, particularly the most marginalized, across the world. The partnership has not only helped more than five million of the hardest-to-reach children and youth worldwide to realize their right to a quality education but also has been influential at the global and country levels to advocate for the right to education, rallying partners and stakeholders to prioritize quality education for all children.

2023 marks the half-way point to the deadline set for achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. As the global community mobilizes to bring education back on track, there is a need for accelerating the scale-up of evidence-based solutions and innovations in education to reach the most marginalized children.

Over the years, the Education Above All Foundation, supported by the Qatar Fund for Development, and UNICEF have reached the most marginalized children in countries including Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Chad, Colombia, the Comoros, Costa Rica, Democratic Republic of Congo, Greece, Indonesia, Iraq, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Mali, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Palestine, Paraguay, South Sudan, Somalia, Sudan, the Syrian Arab Republic, Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar, The Gambia and Yemen.

“A Decade of Dreams” offers a glimpse into this transformative journey. Through compelling photographs, we invite you to step into the lives of children from some of these countries, children who now stand with the ability to dream of a better future. Their stories, just a snapshot of the impact, represent countless dreams ignited, and lives changed through the power of education. We invite you to explore these stories and resources in this collection and hope that they inspire you to incorporate the takeaways and best practices from our journey into your work.